The Army of Mary
Marie-Paule Giguère

The Army of Mary

At the age of 12, Marie-Paule Giguère from Quebec, Canada offered herself up as a victim soul and then started hearing messages from "an interior voice." She was married in 1944, had five children, and was separated from her husband in 1957. According to her autobiography, Marie-Paule describes four different authority figures who, without any request on her part and without consulting with one another, discreetly evaluated her marriage vows.

These four authority figures then presented themselves to her, one after the other, on four successive days. Each gave her the same directive, that of leaving her husband and placing her children in a boarding school. After three days, Marie-Paule obeyed them, even though she described her situation as "being torn apart in an indescribable fashion."1

In 1958, under an order from her spiritual director, Marie-Paule wrote a book entitled Life of Love. During this time she also received instructions from her inner voice about her life’s mission—to establish the Army of Mary. She did not know what this work entailed until the Community of the Lady of all Peoples was established in Quebec, Canada, in 1971.

One of the main functions of the Army of Mary was to spread devotions to the Lady of All Peoples including the Fifth Marian Dogma where Mary has allegedly requested the Catholic Church to proclaim the dogma of Co-Redemptrix, Co-Mediatrix and Co-Advocate, thus promising "true Peace."

According to the entity who has been appearing to Marie-Paule, "When the dogma will have been promulgated, then the Lady of All Peoples will give her blessing. Then the Lady of All Peoples will give Peace. Yes, she will help you when the dogma will have been promulgated."2

In 2007 the Archbishop of Quebec, His Eminence Marc Cardinal Ouellet, issued a document of excommunication for all the members of this society for the following reasons:



On 26 March 2007 the Archbishop of Quebec, His Eminence, Marc Cardinal Ouellet, addressed a declaration to all the faithful of his diocese regarding the statutes and activities of the movement known as "The Community of the Lady of all Nations", better known as "The Army of Mary", and the works connected with this movement.

The Ordinary has declared that "those responsible for the "The Army of Mary" have excluded themselves from the communion of the Catholic Church. The Army of Mary has clearly and publicly become a schismatic community and, as such, a non-Catholic association. Its particular teachings are false and its activities are not able to be frequented nor supported by Catholics".

With a letter dated 25 March 2007, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J., Pontifical Commissioner, established 31 May 2007 as the date within which the priest-members of this Association were required to make known their intentions by recanting errors and schismatic acts, and promising obedience to the Holy See, or face appropriate canonical sanctions.

The above-mentioned priests have not followed the directives of the Pontifical Commissioner. Instead on 3 June 2007 many of them participated at the invalid priestly ordination of six members, performed by Father Jean-Pierre Mastropietro, a priest of the same Association.

Considering the very grave situation, without any hope of another solution, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in fulfillment of its obligations, declares the following:

a) The so-called "diaconal and presbyteral ordinations" performed by Father Jean-Pierre Mastropietro are invalid.

b) Father Jean-Pierre Mastropietro has incurred an excommunication latae sententiae for the delict of schism (can. 1364 CIC). Moreover he has incurred an irregularity for the reception and for the exercise of Sacred Orders by having attempted to perform an act of Sacred Orders reserved to Bishops (cann. 1384; 1401, n.6; 1044,§1. n.3 CIC).

c) The persons who have claimed to be ordained deacons and priests with the imposition of hands of Father Jean-Pierre Mastropietro have incurred an excommunication latae sententiae for the delict of schism (can. 1364 CIC.)

d) All the members of the above-mentioned Movement and of the works associated with it, who, despite the warning of the Cardinal Archbishop of Quebec on 26 March 2007, have participated in these schismatic acts and have determined to continue to associate with said Movement, are in schism and, therefore, they have incurred an excommunication latae sententiae.

e) The negative doctrinal judgment expressed by the Catholic Bishops of Canada 29 June 2001, after consultation with this Congregation and with the approval of the same, is upheld. It confirms with clarity and firmness that the doctrine promoted by the Movement, "Community of the Lady of all Nations", better known as "The Army of Mary", is heretical. Whoever knowingly and deliberately embraces this doctrine incurs an excommunication latae sententiae due to heresy (can. 1364 CIC).

Given at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 11 July 2007.

This document is to be notified to all persons concerned.

William Cardinal Levada

Angelo Amato
Titular Archbishop of Sila

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