Apparition Site Reviews

Messages from false apparition sites are often accompanied by signs and wonders that convince the faithful they are from God, when in reality, they are backed by the powers of evil. Many victims from these sites have suffered ill effects in the form of separation from the Church’s guidance, oppression from demonic spirits, and mysterious forms of illness.

False apparition sites are dangerous because the messages are not coming from God, his angels, or saints, but from demonic entities that have been operating under religious-sounding names. In several of these situations, the seers have been driven by fraud, others have suffered hallucinations, but the vast majority have been operating under the influence of evil.

Because the devil has the ability to appear in the form of a cleverly disguised religious deception, the Catholic Church continues to evaluate the growing number of apparition sites. Anytime the Church discovers a discrepancy that conflicts with the sound teachings of Sacred Scripture, the Bishops, in connection with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issue a decree of non constat de non supernaturalitate to help warn and protect the faithful.


Warning Signs

  • Have you received messages from apparition sites that have not been approved by the Catholic Church?
  • Have you read books like The Poem of the Man-God that have been condemned by the Catholic Church?
  • Do you know the difference between praying to God in communion with the saints, or have you been praying to unapproved spiritual entities?
  • Have you made vows in which you have sold your soul and the value of your good deeds to the Immaculata, the Queen of Heaven, or any other spiritual entity other than the Blessed Trinity?


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