Mary & The New Age Movement II

Mary & The New Age Movement II

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a world-renowned New Age practitioner. Her books have been translated into more than twenty languages and sold throughout the world. Some of her titles include, Karma and Reincarnation, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, and My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord: New Age Rosary and New Age Teachings of Mother Mary.1

In a book entitled Inner Perspectives, Elizabeth makes a compelling appeal for her readers to contact the Ascended Masters. She describes her own experience of contacting the Ascended Masters as follows: “I knew Jesus as the living master of my life, and I understood him to be the Saviour and the open door for the soul’s reunion with God.”2

From the Christian perspective, it would sound like Elizabeth knows Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior, but she goes on to describe how she was also seeking a spiritual connection with Saint Germain. Who is Saint Germain? According to Elizabeth, “Saint Germain is the Ascended Master who is the chohan of the seventh ray of freedom. He is the master of the Aquarian age just as Jesus was the master of the Piscean age.”3

Elizabeth describes her encounter with the Ascended Master Jesus by saying, “And so it was with Jesus and Saint Germain at the forefront of my consciousness that I was pursuing the inner walk with God. Yet finally at the conclusion of my five-year search, it was neither of these who came to me but it was in fact the Ascended Master El Morya. El Morya was to be my guru and the one who would train me to be the messenger for the Ascended Masters.”4

In a chapter entitled “God as Mother,” Elizabeth continues describing her spiritual journey by saying, “Since I was not raised Catholic, I did not have the understanding of the devotion to Mary and so I sought this in later years.5 I saw Mary as the instrument of God as Mother and I began to meditate on that Mother energy. I came to realize that the Mother energy is really a flame. I began to wonder how this energy could be unlocked, and I thought to myself that this energy truly must be in polarity with God as Father.”6

In another chapter entitled “The Divine Mother,” Elizabeth says, “After many years had passed, Mother Mary appeared to me one fall morning in 1972 in the prayer tower of our retreat in Colorado Springs and she said: I want to give you a ritual of the rosary for sons and daughters of God. It is to be a scriptural rosary for those who adhere to the true teachings of Christ as taught by the Ascended Masters. This rosary will be for the bringing in of the golden age.”7

After Elizabeth describes the scriptural rosary, she continues persuading her readers into what New Age practitioners would consider deeper forms of “spiritual enlightenment.” In the chapter entitled “God as Mother,” Elizabeth describes the concept of Mary as the “Bride of the Holy Spirit.” This concept would seem to line up perfectly with the fifth Marian Dogma that is currently being promoted within the Catholic Church.

Not only is there a growing number of New Age books promoting the worship of Mary, but there are also hundreds of other Gnostic titles that are being published every year under the guise of orthodox Christianity.


Other New Age Books about Mary

According to a book entitled, Two Marys: The Hidden History of the Mother & Wife of Jesus, "No conversation about Jesus Christ is complete without a discussion of the two Marys, his mother and his wife. Now, from her unique perspective as someone familiar with this world and the next, America’s leading psychic explores unanswered questions about the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene. Drawing on her relationship with her spirit guide and the years she has spent studying controversial Gnostic texts, Sylvia Browne continues the journey she began with The Mystical Life of Jesus.”

Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians
by Timothy Freke and Peter Grandy

ISBN: 978-14000459-4-5

Invoking Mary Magdalene: Accessing the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine
by Siobhan Houston
ISBN: 978-15917942-2-6

The Gospels of Mary: The Secret Tradition of Mary Magdalene, the Companion of Jesus
by Marvin Meyer
ISBN: 978-14304370-1-7

The Moon Under Her Feet: The Story of Mary Magdalene in the Service of the Great Mother
by Clysta Kinstler
ISBN: 978-00625049-7-5

Mary Magdalene: Lost Goddess, Lost Gospels
by Jan McDonald
ISBN: 978-18616325-2-4

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